DeAnna Barbour Photography | FAQ

How much does a session cost? 

Session fees are $175 for a basic sitting.  Basic sittings involve less than 6 people, and one location. I require a $50 deposit in most cases to hold the date. This deposit is part of the session fee, and will be deducted from the session fee upon completion of the session. It's essentially a down payment, not an additional charge.

Session fees do not include prints, CDs, etc. Prints, digital downloads or a photo CD can be purchased on this site when your gallery is posted for proofing.

Group sessions containing more than 6 members are $200. Events & weddings are priced on an individual basis. Contact me for more info.


How can I pay for my session?

I accept cash as well as credit/debit through SquareUp.


How long does a typical session last? 

Typically, a session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. If we are having fun and getting great images, I try not to put a cap on time. 


What should I wear? 

I always advise clients to wear whatever they are comfortable in. (Within reason, although, I'm totally game for a family portrait with everyone rocking some onesie jammies!) If you're comfortable and confident, that will show in your photos. 


What time of day is best for photos?

Earrrrrrly morning (think sunrise) or evening/late afternoon. My favorite time to shoot is an hour or two before sunset. Outdoor photos in the middle of the day are difficult due to bright skies and squinty eyes, and shadows are very harsh. Natural light is beautiful but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing in this case. 


Can we bring the dog for a family portrait?

Yes! I'll be upset if you don't, honestly. But please remember to make a plan for Fido so he is looked after at all times and doesn't add stress to your session.